Benefits & Usage

Himalayan salt contains all the minerals and trace elements of which our bodies are made. Natural salt is crucial for maintaining vital functions in the body. Himalayan salt has no preservatives or additives.

Them Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp can be a good addition to your home decor while supplying it with added harmony. "Salt Lamps" a natural gift from the Himlayan Crystallized Salts are "Natural Air Ionizers". These lamps produce Negative ions than can help you feel tranquil and relaxed. Salt Lamps effectively and naturally purify and improve the quality of the air we breathe, thus are the real "Vitamins of the air".

In The Office

Place a salt crystal lamp near your computer to help reduce fatigue and EMF (electromagnetic pollution) created by all electric equipment.

In The House

Use these lamps in bedrooms, living rooms hallways or anywhere else where you want to create a tranquil, relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Massage Rooms

One or two salt lamps in your massage room will create a soothing, relaxing, and refreshing environment.

Allergy Sufferers

Having a salt crystal lamp nearby will help your wellness and keep the air around you clean, ionized naturally, and beautiful.

Feng Shui

A few salt crystal lamps placed at strategic spots will enhance chi. A lamp in the relationship corner will be greatly beneficial.


Use them for Yoga and meditation: When you repose in peace and quiet, a salt crystal lamp near you is known to enhance your meditative experience.

Natural Health Practitioners

A salt crystal lamp glowing in your consulting or treatment room aids in the healing process and creates a calming environment.

Psychiatrist Office

One or two salt lamps in the waiting room will create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

About Us

We are established since 2011 with the mission to meet the highest standards in manufacturing & supplying quality of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Related Products all over the world.

We provide all ranges of Himalayan Natural Salt products at competitive prices with Quality of customer care services. Our Products Range Includes, Natural Salt Lamps, Crafted Salt Lamps, Fancy Flower and Animal Salt Lamps, Rock Salt Tea lights and Candle Holders, Rock Salt Tiles, Bath Salts, Massaging Soaps, Edible Salt (Table Salt), Cooking Salt, Industrial Salt, Animals Licking Salt, and Etc.

We invite you to compare our quality of work on these stones and find the difference. Our salt lamps can be shipped any where in the world and are suitable for use anywhere in the house. Try yours in the bedroom, living room, dining room, hallway, meditation room, or anywhere else even in child's room. Consider placing one near your television or computer. It even helps improve the quality of air around smokers.

We also make custom shapes and designs according to the given dimensions. Our experienced crafters make Salt lamps exactly to the given diagrams. You can add one of yours in the great variety of different beautiful shapes of Salt lamps and Candle holders.

Our management will appreciate and encourage your ideas and suggestions in order to accommodate its valuable clients at its best and to find measures to build more peaceful and prosperous relations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just place one in a room and plug it in. Even before the ionization process begins, you'll be uplifted by the Rock Salt Lamp's inner glow which is quite transfixing, especially in a darkened room. After twenty minutes, the rock is warm to the touch. Heat is absorbed by the Salt Crystal from a small light bulb discreetly fixed and concealed above its base in a hewn cavity, which adds to its mysterious charms.

The lamps usually have 4 watt night light bulb, up to a 40 watt light bulbs with switch or dimmer. There are other models that use tea light candles also.
Our light bulbs are all common generic bulbs, ranging in size from a 4 watt night light bulb, up to a 40 watt chandelier bulb. You can usually find our bulbs in most supermarkets, in the same department as the light bulbs, they are usually in packages of several bulbs, hanging on rack, it is best to take the original bulb from the lamp with you, to be sure that you match or find a similar light bulb.
Our lamps have been scientifically proven to naturally produce the healthy negative ions, and they have been laboratory tested. Depending on how sensitive you are to your environment, you should notice the effect right away, and more so as time goes by
Salt lamps differ in two ways. It's extra-ordinary beauty that's basically the characteristic of rock salt crystal. And it's health benefits. Salt lamps are properly researched to have many health benefits besides it's amazing beauty.
It's because of the extra-ordinary value of the salt lamp crystal. Rock Salt Crystal 's surface is naturally mystic and appealing. The physics of salt crystal says, it posses the property of scattering light evenly, emitting a more ambient like effect in the environment. Secondly, Salt Rock Crystal performs anti-septic action against the air-borne and skin-borne (Epidermis) bacteria and virus. Also it provides care for the breathing problems that might generate through positive ions in the environment generated by electric appliances, and also helps curing Asthma.
Absolutely Not!, there are no harmful chemicals used in the production of salt lamps
Himalayan Crystal Salt comes from the salt mines in and around Khewara, Himalayan range, Pakistan.

"The historic Salt Mine in Khewarah – Pakistan, is the only site in the world where mining has continued since the Middle Ages. Lying on many levels, its original excavations (longitudinals, traverses, chambers, lakes, as well as lesser and major shafts) stretch for the total of 300 kilometres: reaching the depth of 327 meters they illustrate all the stages of the development of the mining technology over time."
Sometimes household pets (mostly dogs) instinctively lick the lamp to replenish minerals in their bodies. Salt Lamp is not intended for consumption, however it is made out 100% natural salt and is not hazardous to health.
Oceans cover 70% of our earth. However, the oceans are being degraded with nuclear waste, industrial waste and farm chemical run-off. Not a single year passes without major news of at least one fractured oil tanker causing catastrophe. Recent government warnings about the increased levels of mercury in our oceans limit us to eat fish only once or twice a month. Today, sea salt does not have the same positive impact on our health, as it used to. Most of the sea salt undergoes man-made refining to get it to the packaged commodity stage.

Where as Himalayan Crystal salt in availabel in its purest form preserved from 250 million years. Its has all the essential minerals that are vital for human body and it comes to you without any chemical refining process and in its purest form.

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